Manuel Werlberger


Portrait of Manuel Werlberger

Manuel Werlberger, born 1982 in Austria, received his M.Sc. (2008) in Telematics (Computer Engineering) and his Ph.D. (2012, with distinction) in Informatics from the Graz University of Technology, Austria. In July 2011 he was a guest researcher in the Computer Vision Group at the University of Freiburg, Germany. In 2012 Manuel Werlberger joined the ETH startup company Dacuda AG as senior software engineer and computer vision expert on mobile devices. From October 2014 on he is a postdoctoral researcher in the Robotics and Perception Group at the University of Zurich.


Manuel Werlberger
Mainaustrasse 28
CH-8008 Z├╝rich
T: +41 78 947 96 29

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